Common Room Facilities

There is a separate Student’s Activity Centre well equipped with separate Common Rooms for boys and girls, a Canteen and a Students’ Union Room.

Disciplinary Committee

A disciplinary committee keeps a special look out for discipline in the college. Any act of indiscipline is strictly dealt with by this committee.

Guardian-Teacher Meeting

Meetings are organized to keep guardians apprised of the performance and development of their wards on a regular basis, generally after the publication of the results of Mid Term and Selection Test examinations. It also serves as a platform for the college administration to receive feedback necessary for the progress of the institution.

College Playground

The college is surrounded by vast play grounds.

Seminar Room and Virtual Class Room

Seminars and Invited Lectures are held in the Seminar Room. Two virtual classrooms have already started to become operational from the last academic session.

College canteen

The college has set up a canteen from where students can get healthy and hygienically cooked food-items at a reasonable rate.

Cycle stand

There is a large cycle-stand with tin shed for the regular use of the students free of any charge.

Computer lab. facilities for the students

The college has a well-rigged, multipurpose computer laboratory for the students. Students of different streams and subjects can use this computer laboratory for curricular study, individual research, and other academic purposes.