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Department of Sanskrit

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The Department of Sanskrit of Kaliganj Government College opened with Honours and Programme Course in the year 2015 under recognition of Kalyani University. The Students of first batch both Honours and programme Course of this Department completed the graduation in the year 2018. It is noted that a Student obtained first class first in the Honours from this department in the same year under Kalyani University.

Further it is found a Student of this department stood first class first in Honours in the year 2020 in Kalyani University. From the Seminar Library and Central Library of this College so many books provided towards students as required. At present the department is running with 3 teachers. Every teacher teaches with best efforts. It may be mentioned that overall result of this department is remarkable.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Sudipta pramanik M.A. Ph. D. Assistant professor
2 Dr. Soma bandyopadhyay M.A., M.Phil., Ph. D. Assistant professor
3 Durgamohan mandal M.A., M.Phil. Assistant professor


The Department of Sanskrit performed the following activities till date such as -

  1. Parent teacher meeting.
  2. Seminar Lectures.
  3. Online teaching.


In the year 2018 a student stood first class first in Honours from this department under Kalyani University. Thereafter in the year 2020 a Student obtained first class first from this department. Most of the students of this department passed with Honours. After graduation most of the students continuing their education such as Post Graduate (M.A) ,B.Ed. etc.

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Previous Questions

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Study Materials

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105 May 2020MCQ-CC-10-4TH-SEMDownload
205 May 2020MCQ-CC-9-4TH-SEMDownload
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