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Government General Degree College at Kaliganj started student intake in the year 2015 and the department of Zoology started its journey in the same year. From 2015 to 2018, only General course was permitted by the University of Kalyani. In 2019, University of Kalyani allowed us to start the Zoology Honours Course. The department has successfully incorporated the modifications laid down by the University of Kalyani and UGC when the undergraduate course was changed from 3 year degree course system to CBCS mode. The department is well organized with practical equipments, Zoological specimens, sufficient books and other important materials required to run the both honours and programme courses. Being a new department for honours course, the department is gathering valuable experiences with time and is promised to deliver quality teaching to its students.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Prosenjit Ghosh Assistant Professor and Head, Ph.D
2 Sri Jayanta Mistry Assistant Professor, M.phill


Department of Zoology organizes seminars jointly with other science departments of the college. In order to upgrade their knowledge and experience, the faculties of this department frequently attend seminars, symposium, faculty improvement programme etc. The department in multiple occasions has also taken responsibility for the arrangement of field studies and excursion for the students of the Zoology as well as the students of the compulsory Environmental sciences.


Introduction of Zoology honours course from the academic session 2019-20 when University of Kalyani become satisfied after inspection of the department and extended the permission for the commencement of the honours course.

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Previous Questions

Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-G-SEC-T-03Download
208 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-G-DSE-T-01&02Download
308 Jul 2021Zoology - Zoop-CC-T-03Download
408 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-G-SEC-T-01Download
508 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-SEC-T-01(A_B)Download
608 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-T-07Download
708 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-T-06Download
808 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-T-05Download
908 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-P-07Download
1008 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-P-06Download
1108 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-P-05Download
1208 Jul 2021Zoology -Zool-H-CC-P-04Download
1308 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-CC-P-03Download
1408 Jul 2021Zoology - Zooh-CC-T-04Download
1508 Jul 2021Zoology - Zooh-CC-T-03Download
1608 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool(H)-GE-T-02 (2nd set)Download
1708 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool(H)GE-P-2 - PR (2nd set)Download
1808 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-H-GE-P-01Download
1908 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool(H)GE-P-2Download
2008 Jul 2021Zoology - Zooh-GE-T-01Download
2108 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-G-SEC-T-2Download
2208 Jul 2021Zoology - Zool-G-CC-T-4Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Online Class CBCS 2020-21-FinalDownload
208 Jul 2021Online Class CBCS 2020-21 Sem 2+4+6 FinalDownload
308 Jul 2021Document 7Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
107 Jul 2021Zoology CBCS Hons SyllabusDownload
207 Jul 2021Zoology CBCS General SyllabusDownload

Study Materials

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105 May 2020ZOOL-H-CC-T-O4-UNIT-2Download
205 May 2020ZOOH-CCT-03-MCQ-OF-ECIOLOGY-1-3UNITDownload
305 May 2020ZOOL-H-CC-T-O4-CELL-BIOLOGY-MCQDownload
404 Apr 2020Survivorship-CurvesDownload
504 Apr 2020Stages-of-Ecological-SuccessionDownload
604 Apr 2020PopulationDownload
704 Apr 2020Life-tables-survivorship-curves-and-popuation-growthDownload
804 Apr 2020Levels-of-organization-in-an-ecosystemDownload
904 Apr 2020Law-of-Limiting-FactorDownload
1004 Apr 2020Ecotone-nicheDownload
1104 Apr 2020diversityDownload
1204 Apr 2020Definition-of-EcologyDownload
1304 Apr 2020competition-exclutionDownload
1404 Apr 2020Community-EcologyDownload
1504 Apr 2020Autecology-and-Synecology-organisation-limiting-factorDownload

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